Garkon is a village located in Kargil Block of Kargil district, in a rural region in the Indian union territory of Ladakh. It is one of the 22 villages of Kargil Block. As per the government records, the population is 1287. The village has 112 households.
The people of Aryan valley came here from Central Asia via Gilgit. Scholars say that they are pure Aryans in the world. The troops of Alexander the Great live here because injured in the battle with Indian sub continent. They settled in Gilgit around 300 B.C and some of them migrated into this valley.
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Indian, as well as foreigner, visits every year during summer to see the unique culture of Garkon people. Their dances, folk song, practices, and thier daily life activities attracted many outsiders towards them.
The Aryan valley is famous for its culture and traditions. The area has a unique tradition, culture, language and their looks are different from other descendants of Ladakh. Most of the dresses made by themselves and all the costumes are made up of wool.

The valley is rich in growing Apricot and tomato. Tons are export from the valley to Leh and Kargil town and also all over India. Apricot is one of the famous dry fruits in India which grows in this valley. About other varieties of fruits such as Europe, a type of Grape (green and black), watermelon, pear, and many, in berries- Mulberry (white, red, black), Blackberry, Gooseberry and also Tomato berry also found in this valley.

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