Chiktan Fort( chiktan Khar) | The Hidden treasure


Chiktan fort has its own history narrated by renowned writers, native renowned persons, and many historians. It is believed that there is no similar structure built in the past. The fort was built in the 16th century and had nine floors. Though the fort stands in ruins today, it still attracts visitors who love the spectacular views of snow-capped mountains that form the backdrop. Fortunately, the current Government is about to take steps for its maintenance and rebuilding.

It is situated in block Shakar Chiktan of district Kargil, UT Ladakh. The structure is currently almost collapsed due to non-maintenance for decades. The structure is near to the market of Chiktan block at some height above the market. this was built in such a way that the king may easily watch the enemies and eye-catching to the nearby area from his palace.


It was in 8th century, Prince of Baltistan named Thathah Khan took Shelter in the Chiktan area and decided to construct a fort as he was completely attracted by the mountainous beauty of this place. Balti craftsmen constructed the castle in the 16th century that served as a royal residence for centuries. Unfortunately, it reduced to rubble due to negligence by the government, Chiktan fort was once an adorable piece of architecture thoughtfully designed by architect and carpenter Shinkhan Chandan. Made of rammed earth and stone masonry with mud mortar, timber was used to support the ceilings of the structure and to frame the doors and windows. 

The fort was attacked many times during history but not abandoned until the late 19th century. It is even said that the castle had a rotating room that used to rotate with the support of air blowing. There are many conflicting saying related to the rotating room.