Mulbekh Monastery or Mulbekh Gompa Kargil, Ladakh

Mulbekh Monastery or Mulbekh Gompa consists of two gompas, one Drukpa and one Gelugpa Buddhist monastery in Kargil, Ladakh, northern India. Names of the monasteries are Serdung Gompa and Rgaldan-se Gompa of Drukpa and Gelugpa sect respectively. Rgaldan-se Gompa was established by Tungba Lzawa also known as Agu Tungba. Recently the Rgaldan-se Gompa was reconstructed in 2016. It also consists of a Lhakhang known as Nyima Lhakhang, which is the oldest section of the Mulbekh Monastery. It is believed to be built around 800 years ago by the students of great Tibetan scholar Lotsawa Rinchen Zangpo, it is clear with the style of painting.

Mulbekh monastry

The altitude of the town at the foot of the crag is given as 3,304 m. (10,839 ft), which makes the altitude of the gompas 3,504 m. (11,495 ft). Its population is given as 5,730.
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Around 45 kilometre east of Kargil town heading toward Leh, is the famous Chamba Statue in Mulbekh village, a striking enormous figure carved into the rock face on the right hand side of the road. It pictures a standing Maitreya Buddha or Buddha-to-come overlooking the old trade route and modern highway. Some people believe it dates to the Kushan period in the early centuries CE.[4] Modern scholars date it as being from around the eighth century.[5] Unfortunately, the lower part of the statue is partly obscured by a small temple built in 1975.

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