SURU VALLEY || Tourist hotspot of Kargil |

SURU VALLEY the hidden beauty of Kargil.

The Suru Valley is a valley in Kargil District in the Union Territory of Ladakh in India located at a distance of about 60 km from the district headquarter. It is drained by the Suru River, a powerful tributary of the Indus River. The valley's most significant town is Sankoo. 

Suru Valley is famous for its beauty. There are many picnic spots in Suru Valley such as Damsna, Parkachik, Sangra, Karpokhar, Khous, Thulus, Stakpa, Umba Namsuru, etc. Being one of the beautiful landscapes and attractive scenery of the valley let to the various school to come for Picnics. During summer these mentioned locations become full of visitors both local as well as outsiders to taste the beauty and scenery. various Bollywood films have taken shot in the valley.
Karpokhar Holy Shrine(Syed Mir Hashim), Khous Holy Shrine & Sanku Holy Shrine (Syed Haider ) are famous for prayer in Suru Valley. Horses, Yaks and other variety of animals can be found living in the valley. In winter Suru Valley experiences heavy snowfall and avalanches.

Despite the considerable potential, tourism activity is very limited in the valley with most visitors rushing through to Padum and Zanskar due to a lack of information and exploration. The hidden beauty is yet to reveal. There are few facilities for visitors but Jammu & Kashmir Tourism does have basic tourist bungalows in several of the villages. and there's a summer tent camp in Rangdum. Tangole village is a possible starting point for mountaineering expeditions up Nun Kun.

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